The Best Hands of High Stakes Poker Season 9 Episode 8


Raise the stakes to $500/$1,000 in High Stakes Poker Season 9 and now we see chips flying, huge action, big bluffs and Daniel Negreanu trapping Garrett Adelstein in a massive $440,500 pot!

Line-up of High Stakes Poker Season 9 Episode 8:

Raise the stakes from NL$200/$400 to NL$500/$1,000! This means we will see more action and much bigger pots from here on.

We continue with exactly the same line-up as in High Stakes Poker Season 9 Episode 7, which is:

Krish pulls a big move to makes Garrett fold Pocket Kings: $335,500 Pot

Bryn Kenney raises from the cut-off with A♣2♣ to $3,000 and Krish flats with 9♥8♥ on the button. Garrett Adelstein looks at K♣K♦ in the big blind and makes a big 3-bet to $18,000. Both Bryn and Krish call and just like that there are already $55,500 in the pot preflop.

The flop of 3♦6♣4♦ is an interesting one as it is a scary board for Pocket Kings. Garrett checks his overpair as he has been doing a lot before. This serves two purposes: Disguise the strength of your hand and control the size of the pot in case you are beat.

The 8♣ on the turn is one of the most exciting cards in the deck as it makes Krish top pair, while Bryn picks up the nut flush draw. Garrett still has an overpair and now he makes a large delayed cbet of $40,000 (73% pot).

Kenney has the nut flush draw, a gutshot and an overcard and could easily make a move here, but he just calls. Instead it is Krish, who makes the big play by making a large raise to $200,000 with only $130,000 behind.

Making this move against two players on the turn usually indicates a big hand. Garrett is sandwiched as Bryn Kenney is still to act behind him and he goes into the tank for 30 seconds and then folds Pocket Kings! Bryn quickly mucks his hand as well and Krish’s courageous play secures him a large $335,500 pot.


Daniel Negreanu traps Garrett Adelstein to win the largest pot of Season 9 worth $440,500!

Garrett Adelstein and Daniel Negreanu are the big winners of High Stakes Poker Season 9 so far and the latter continues to impress with his cash game skills.

Garrett raises from the hijack to $3,000 with A♣7♣ and DNegs 3-bets from the cut-off to $10,000. It folds to Adelstein, who decides to play back at Negreanu by making a large 4-bet to $40,000, Daniel calls. Pot Size: $82,500

The flop of 3♦5♦5♠ is very dry and Garrett decides to check, while Negreanu checks back his overpair. Pot Size: $82,500

The third 5♣ on the turn turns every pocket pair into a full house and it once again goes check-check. Pot Size: $82,500

The 6♠ river doesn’t changes much and now Garrett Adelstein pulls out his signature move, the river overbet. So far Adelstein always had it, when he was making a big overbet on the river, so now he is using this history to turn his hand into a bluff.

However, his story doesn’t really make sense this time as before he was betting flop and turn small and then making a large overbet for value on the river.

Maybe, Daniel Negreanu picked up on that as well as he calls pretty quickly and it is a good call, which secures him the largest pot of High Stakes Poker Season 9 so far worth a staggering $440,500. 

DNegs played his Pocket Tens to perfection and beautifully traps Garrett by checking back his overpair twice to induce a river bluff.


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