The Biggest Blow-Ups in Poker History!

The Biggest Blow-Ups in Poker History

Everyone loves to see a major blow-up at the poker table. When it’s shown on our screens and the perpetrator is a big name in the game then it makes it all the much better. Here are the biggest blow-ups in poker history!


The Biggest Blow-Ups in Poker History


Here are five great examples of a poker star going off the deep end and having a minor mental breakdown.


#1: Tony G – On Your Bike!


Number one on our list is an all-time classic from loudmouth Tony G. The Lithuanian lets fly at Russian Ralph Perry and tells him to get on his bike and back to Russia.  “Bring me more Russians!”, he shouts.



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#2: Phil Hellmuth’s Reading Abilities


This next clip comes from the classic show Poker After Dark. Phil Hellmuth finds himself frustrated at his opponents for talking during his turn and he loudly exclaims that he can’t use his “reading abilities!”



#3: Tony G Calls the Clock on Andrew Robl


Another typical outburst from Tony G where he plays mind games with high-stakes star Andrew Robl. Playing up to the viewers, he gets aggressive with Robl and calls the clock, shouting “you come to my game and you’re wasting my time”.


The ploy to encourage a call doesn’t work out this time and Robl finds a nice fold under pressure.



#4: Mike “The Mouth” Matusow Blows His Top


This peach of a blow-up saw Mike Matusow flip out at Shawn Sheikhan during the WSOP 2006.


Sheikhan gave an indication of which hand he folded during play sending Matusow into a fit of rage that saw insults thrown and both players sent to the rail for a time penalty.



#5: Daniel Negreanu Spoils his Clean-Cut Image


The WSOP Online 2020 saw tournament star Daniel Negreanu streaming most of his action and the viewers got to see a different side to the normally mild-mannered Canadian.


2020 saw Negreanu blow-up on several occasions, once threatening to knock out a viewer’s teeth and feed them anally back to him.


This clip shows Negreanu struggle to contain his frustration with software issues during a WSOP bracelet event.




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